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Adoption, as a program is one of the preferred forms of rehabilitation of a destitute child. It is a beautiful bond which brings together the couple and child in need of family through legal procedures. The PAPs, Birth mother and Child form the three integral stake holders of the programme who are brought under one umbrella through the Adoption Agency.

FSC is one of the pioneer adoption agencies in Mumbai. It is also a forerunner of the concept of Foster Care for children awaiting adoption as we believe that child requires a family care from birth.

The agency provides hand holding of PAPs and helps them through the process of documentation, home study, placement and follow ups. They are also provided a common platform for exchange of thoughts, feelings and experiences through Orientation meetings, parenting sessions and support groups. Simultaneously, extensive counseling is done with the birth mothers to enable them to deal with their emotions, trauma, legal adoption procedure and many a times even rehabilitation. On the other hand, utmost care is provided to the children in terms of family environment, physical, psychological and social well being.

As it is a ‘child centric’ approach, emphasis is laid upon the child’s right to be aware of its adoptive status and roots. Hence, agency takes a proactive role to assist the child and family in the process.

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FSC is a pioneer organization to initiate the foster care scheme under Central Social Welfare Board in 1964. In 1994, the Government of Maharashtra took over the scheme from the Centre and renamed it Bal SangopanYojana (BSY). It is now a State Government run programme which provides alternate family care to children in difficult circumstances, wherein their biological parents are not able to care for them due to crisis situations; thereby preventing institutionalization.

In accordance to our mission of strengthening family as a core unit of society, we strive towards providing a supportive and enabling family environment to the child in crisis through this scheme. The supportive atmosphere of a foster home enables a child to develop healthy self-esteem, values and behaviors. It also ensures that a child's psychological, emotional and physical needs are met and help nurture familial, cultural and social bonds.

The clients range from varied age groups, socio-cultural backgrounds and come from different parts of Mumbai with their unique problems. Over the years a shift has been witnessed wherein major chunk of our clients are HIV affected and infected families. Intervention strategies for each client are charted as per their needs and in consonance with them. Extensive work and networking is done to raise resources as the funds of Rs. 500/- pm received from the government for each client doesn’t cater to their needs especially extensive medicals and educational expenses. Scope of interventions with the client includes individual and group counseling, school and home visits, raising funds especially for their medical and educational needs.

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