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Dreams Come True….
Kiran Kamat, his younger brother Arun and his parents lived in a chawl in Santacruz in the early eighties. His father was a salesman and mother a domestic maid. The family was undergoing many hardships especially as Arun was polio affected and required regular visits to Wadia Hospital. It is here where they chanced upon FSC social worker. After enquiry and home visits, Kiran was taken on sponsorship assistance.

FSC provided not only financial assistance but also emotional support and guidance. He was a shy boy but slowly opened up to participate in all the activities and programs. His sponsorship was continued till his FY, when he took up a part time job and continued to climb up the career ladder while pursuing his graduation. He also completed Masters in Finance Management after a gap of 6 years. In the meanwhile, bother too completed his graduation and is also professionally well placed.
Kiran’s main goal since childhood was to buy an apartment of his own where his parents could live. He started saving towards this end and was able to purchase a flat in the year 2000. Today Kiran is leading a successful life. Hence with timely and focused intervention of FSC, Kiran and his brother have completed their education and his dreams have become a reality.

Presently, he is sponsoring education of three needy children; thereby giving back to society and enabling another child to achieve his/her goal.
Finding a Foothold……
Nilu, a 6 year; single parent child suffering from epilepsy and history of brain TB was taken on the BSY assistance in the year 1997. She had recently lost her father who was HIV positive. Even her mother was detected to be TB and HIV positive. Nilu and her brother were unaware of their parent’s medical condition. At the time of referral, the family was emotionally and financially drained.

Multipronged intervention strategies were employed by the social worker. At the onset, Nilu and her mother were referred to public hospital for their treatment. Simultaneously efforts were made to find a stable job for Nilu’s mother. Social worker not only found a job for her, but even apprised and sensitized the employer on her medical condition. In due course the employer also provided her financial assistance to rent a small room. Extensive work was also initiated at neighborhood level to create a strong social support system for the family.

Concurrently, work was done with Nilu with regards to her academics and adolescence issues. After successfully completing her SSC in 2007, she was motivated to pursue a training course in House Keeping at Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai. After completion of the course, Nilu worked with Taj Hotels for six months. Soon, due to peer pressure she was keen to continue her education but unfortunately could not cope. Social worker boosted her morale and was referred to Reddy’s foundation for free training in computer course, call centre and English speaking. She was also given inputs on study skills and motivated for re-appearing for her 11th standard exams privately. The Social Worker sensitively also prepared the children about their mother’s HIV positive status which enabled them to accept it compassionately.

The case was terminated in the year 2009 as Nilu had secured a job as a computer operator and the family had started to live independently with strong social bonding and improving financial condition.
Spreading Wings.....
Rehana is an illiterate Muslim woman living in Colaba slum. She was an enterprising, aggressive woman who lived with her husband and children but would not take stand against injustice. FSC recognized her potential and leadership qualities during a vision building exercise conducted at the onset of community interventions. It was felt that her energies and capacities could be moulded in a positive direction as she had zeal to achieve something but lacked guidance and support.

She was provided assistance through adult literacy program and was given opportunities to enhance her leadership skills through various trainings. She volunteered to work on TB project, after she was helped to shed her inhibitions and misconception associated to TB. Gradually she was motivated to lead various other community development and capacity building programs like Desh and Caritas projects. She became the President of the Colaba Mahila Mandal initiated by FSC and was also associated with Mohalla Committee there by steering other women to take up various issues related to their community like rationing and garbage disposal. She also involved the local MLA and other community dwellers in constructing a Balwadi for the children.

Rehana was also counseled about her rights as a woman and in times of her distress she stood for her individuality against her husband and extended family. Over the years she has honed her skills to bring about a positive change in herself and the neighborhood.

Rehana is proud of her achievements and has formed an identity of her own. She is now an empowered, sensitive woman and is snowballing her learning with other women.

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